Thursday, August 21, 2014

For the birthday girl...

Dear Abbigail, 

Today you are two years old! I cannot believe it. Two years ago, we saw you for the very first time. You had BIG, beautiful, blue eyes and lots and lots of dark hair! Daddy and I were very surprised because we both have blonde hair but there was no doubt in my mind that you were mine! You were the sweet baby I had felt kicking the inside of my tummy. You grew big and strong inside of me and then all of the sudden you weren't inside me anymore. We welcomed you into the world at 9:54 am on August 21st, 2012. One of the happiest days of my life. 

You came 2.5 weeks early and were sassy and stubborn from day one. (I don't know where you get that from. ;) Watching you grow and develop over the last two years has made me so very, very happy! You are so smart and catch on the things so quickly! I love hearing your sweet voice tell me "dank you, Mama!" and "I Yuv you, Mama!" My heart melts into a big 'ol puddle every time. 

Some of your current favorites include:

+ Anything to do with Mickey and Minnie Mouse
+ Unloading the dishwasher
+ Applesauce, string cheese and watermelon
+ Singing songs! Your favorite ones are, "The Wheels on the Bus, "I Love the See the Temple" and "Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam"
+ Going for walks and playing at the park
+ Helping Mama and Daddy clean Daddy's work
Playing Swimming in the bathtub
+ Putting your dolls and stuffed animals down for naps. You are so sweet. You read them a book, give them a blanket and one of your binkies and tell them "night night!" It always puts a smile on my face!
+ Counting. {1,2,3,4,6} I guess you aren't too fond of the number 5?
+ Pretending to go potty in the "big girl potty" {But you still refuse to use the potty for real.}
+ Daddy, Daddy and Daddy!

You are so excited to be a big sister and already talk about how much you love "will-wee!" Part of me is sad that any day now, your title will change from "only child" to "big sister." I have loved staying home with you and having no other kids to focus on except YOU. That being said, I am also so excited to see you with your little sister! You love babies so much and I know you will be so happy when she comes! 

I don't know what I did to deserve you, Abbigail Anne. You are sweet, sassy, loud, energetic, happy, playful and so loving. I am so grateful that you are my little girl for ever and ever! I love you sweet girl! Have the best day ever! 



Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Happy Anniversary!

In the blink of an eye, three years have come and gone. Three years of dancing in our kitchen. Three years of avoiding folding laundry for a week, then making a date night out of it while watching our favorite show. Three years of debating whether Diet Coke or Dr. Pepper is better. Three years of learning to love, trust, encourage and support one another, even during the times we don't want to. Three years of disagreeing, expressing our feelings and forgiving each other. Our marriage hasn't been and isn't perfect, but Drew is perfect for me, so we work at being a little better every day. Thank you for the best three years of my life Drew. Choosing to marry you was the best and easiest decision I have ever made. You're my favorite! I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us! Happy Anniversary to you, my handsome husband! I love you now and forever! 

I am so grateful I get to spend forever with this man! 

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

First "real" Ponytail.

I just had to document this! Abbigail has always had crazy, crazy, untamable hair. Seriously, from day one. Maybe it's untamable to me simply because I can barely do my own hair... but regardless, my daughter looks homeless on most days because I don't know how to do her hair. 

Yesterday, I decided to try and put it into a ponytail. It stayed! {for the most part} I just couldn't get over how much older it made her look! My baby is not a baby anymore! Are you getting tired of me saying that yet?! It's a good thing I have another baby coming or I'd be in trouble! 

Next hairdo I want to try/learn would be braiding. I can braid string and little strands of my hair all day, but I have a feeling it's going to be a little different on a toddler who won't sit still. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 

Friday, August 8, 2014


The older Abbigail gets, the better she is getting at talking. It amazes me how quickly she will learn a new word or phrase. She is starting to talk in sentences more and more. I am always in shock, when my baby comes up to me and says, "more, melk pease!" "Dank you, Mama!" or "I watch show pease!" It just blows my mind that my little baby can talk in sentences! I guess she isn't my "baby" anymore. {excuse me while I go bawl in the corner!} I want to remember as much of these precious moments as possible... so periodically, I want to do a #conversationswithabbi post. My memory is terrible! Hopefully, writing these funny moments down will help me remember them forever!


+ I guess when Abbi is in my way, I say "beep, beep, beep" to get her to move... and she has really picked up on that. The other day, I was taking trying to take a laundry basket from our laundry room to the family room so I had more room for folding (which let's be honest, never actually got done.) but I couldn't lift it. So I bent over and started dragging the laundry basket down the hallway when I hear a little voice coming from behind me saying, "Beeep! Beeep! Beeep!" I couldn't help but just laugh...  #wideloadcomingthrough

+ In Costco the other day we saw some Disney princess and Dora the Explorer "big girl panties." As soon as I saw them, I took Abbigail over and started to make a big deal about how cool they were! I was saying things like, "wow! look how fun!" "you get to wear big girl panties when you go potty in the big potty.." "wouldn't it be fun to wear big girl panties?" She was soaking it all in and really looking interested. Finally it was time to go, so I took her hand and we started walking away. She couldn't leave without turning around and as she waved said "bye panties! Bye bye panties!" She probably said bye to them ten times and progressively got louder as we got further away from them...  Let's just say, we got some strange looks as we were walking away.

+After spending two days with Nana and Grandpa (Drew and I had training in Boise for seminary) we packed up the car, to take Abbi back home with us. As we put Abbigail in her carseat, {she was sobbing} she looks up at Drew and through her tears says, "I NEED Nana!" - talk about breaking a Mama's heart! Why can't we just live closer to family?! 

+ Lately, Abbigail has fallen in love with her rocking horse that Great Grandpa Wright made her! She sits on it and rocks all. day. long! I love it! But even more recently, she will say "yee-haw" as she rocks. Only, it comes out "ahhh-haw!". We try and teach her to say "Yee" and she will say it perfectly, then I tell her to say "haw" and she says "ahhh-haw!" and then combining the two words always comes out "ahhh-haw!" At first I was so concerned about teaching her the right way to say it and now I'm just accepting it, because let's be honest... it's kinda the cutest thing ever and she will learn how to say it correctly eventually, right?!

+ Recently Abbi has learned that when someone sneezes, you say, "bless you." (She might be the most polite two year old I have ever met) So now she walks around the house saying, "achoo! bwess you, achoo! bwess you!" Over and over again. I love it!

+ Where are you has become a popular question in our house. It really doesn't matter what she is looking for, she can't search for it with out saying, "are you?" Throughout the day, I will hear things like, "shoe, are you? Kitty, are you? Daddy, are you? Mimmie, are you?" It makes me smile every time!

I love hearing her vocabulary grow! As much as I hate that my little Abbi is growing up, I love seeing her little personality shine through! I can't wait to see her as a big sister! 

Monday, August 4, 2014

I had an "accident!"

Can I just preface this post by saying yes, this is very embarrassing and yes, I debated back and forth whether or not to post it on this blog, but pregnancy does crazy things to a woman's body! I don't blame many things on "being pregnant", but bladder control, I definitely do! Therefore, that makes up for the embarrassing part... right?! {plus, this was just too darn funny to forget.} So without further ado, enjoy this post and try not to laugh at me too hard!


My story begins thursday night at 10:30pm. One second I'm not hungry at all, satisfied with the dinner we ate a few hours earlier and Drew and I are getting ready for bed and then BAM! I'm starving and I know exactly what I want... A Premium Crispy Chicken Club sandwich from McDonalds (no cheese and no tomato), fries and a large Diet Coke. Yes, that was it! But the closest McDonalds is fifteen minutes away, it's dark outside and I hate driving in the dark! Plus, we are in our PJ's and it's bedtime for Heaven's sake! I don't need McDonalds right now! {Has any other pregnant woman tried talking themselves out of a craving?! Did it work? It most definitely did NOT work for me!} I had an inner debate for about thirty seconds before I told Drew about my dilemma. I'm sure he did not want to, but he is too good to me and willingly left for McDonalds...

Once he got home, I ate my glorious sandwich and drank that diet coke very happily! I didn't understand the consequences of drinking a large diet coke so late at night, but I was satisfied again. We finished getting ready for bed and fell asleep.

It's 3:15am. I'm having a dream that I'm fairly certain many if not most people have had at some point in their life (even if they don't care to admit it!) The last time I had this dream I was ten years old and once I woke up, I was humiliated! You all know what dream I'm talking about... the one where you are dreaming about going to the bathroom and when you wake up, you actually "went to the bathroom." Last night was a little bit different; I woke up mid dream. 

Tired and confused, I started thinking out loud:
Me: "I think I just peed my pants"
Drew: "Peed your pants?"
Me: "Yeah! I think I just wet the bed!"

I reached down, and felt...

Me: "Oh my gosh, Drew! I seriously, just wet the bed!"

I'm actually very surprised at how clam Drew was. I think it was because he was pretty much asleep still... but regardless, if the roles had been switched, I know I would not have been as calm and loving as he was! 

I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. I cleaned up and put new clothes on... When I came back out, Drew told me he didn't see or feel any "wet spot" on our bed, and he was right! How was that possible?! Some miracle, I tell you because I wasn't imagining things! My pants were definitely wet! I really did wet the bed! Somewhat Extremely humiliated, I double, triple and quadruple checked that the bed sheets were dry and then slowly crawled back into bed and fell asleep... 

Forty-five minutes later, Abbigail comes running into our room, fully awake! It's 4:00AM! This happens occasionally, and Drew just takes her back to bed, where she will usually stay and fall back asleep until about 6:30 or 7. Only this time, he came back and said, 

"She peed through. He PJ's are soaked and her sheet is wet too..."

I told Drew to go back to bed and I happily went to go clean her up and put new sheets on her bed. Any other morning, I would not have been so willing to do so, especially so early in the morning, but today was different. I was secretly happy she wet the bed too because at least I wasn't alone... 

Please tell me I'm not alone! 
Any other embarrassing stories you'd like to share? 
Pregnancy related or not, I'd love to hear them! 
I won't judge, if you don't! ;)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Happy Sunday: Good Parenting.

Something that has been on my mind lately is the fact that in 5 {or less} short weeks, we will be welcoming a perfect, innocent, sweet baby into this world. Drew and I will be the parents to TWO children. God has given us the opportunity to raise two of his beautiful daughters! For that, I am so grateful! But I am also feeling extremely overwhelmed! 

I have babysat since I was ten years old, being a mother has been a dream of mine since I knew what a mother is, I even studied child development and parenting in college for four years, but somehow, now that I have children and am having to apply all those teachings, my mind has gone blank! Every time Abbigail refuses to eat, throws a tantrum or yells "NO!", I feel lost. Days go by and I realize we have watched TV and movies ALL day, she has been sucking on her pacifier for the majority of the day and hasn't eaten anything but applesauce that day and I feel like a failure. My mind tells me that surely I am the ONLY mom in the world who doesn't give her child enough attention, can't get her to eat good food and just can't get her to sleep when she is supposed to. 

Motherhood has me completely concerned, exhausted and scared. I have the responsibility to raise these two precious girls in righteousness. In a world that is so complicated, confused and alarming, I have the responsibility to teach my children what is right and how to be a good influence in this world. 

When I am feeling like this, I feel so grateful for the resources that my Father in Heaven has given me. When I am feeling totally lost, I know I can pray to my Heavenly Father and he will answer my prayer and give me direction. He has given us a living prophet who, along with other righteous leaders, receive revelation from God and who teach us so clearly what Heavenly Father wants us to learn. 

God has blessed me with these two daughters and I do have the responsibility to raise them right, but I don't have to do it alone. Heavenly Father is there 100% of the time to bear me up, to support and to guide me. 

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Friday, August 1, 2014

A two year old's prayer...

A few days ago, I caught the same flu that Abbi had last week! It was miserable! (Like I would have preferred giving birth twenty more times, than have this 24hr flu kind of miserable!) The morning after, we were saying a morning prayer as a family... Abbi is getting really good at repeating after us, but a lot of her words still don't sound anything like they're supposed to! I don't remember a lot that was said in that particular prayer. I was still pretty weak and exhausted from the day before... But I remember my almost two year old daughter clearly saying, "pease bwess Mama no sick" and my heart melted! I don't think there are many things sweeter than your innocent two year old praying for you! 

I'm so thankful for Abbi and thankful that God answers prayers! We are all feeling so much better! I don't know if I talk about my religion enough on this little blog, but it means the world to us! We believe in a loving Heavenly Father who loves us and watches over us! We believe that we can live together FOREVER as a family even after we die! I am so grateful for that knowledge, especially after experiencing moments like this. I'm thankful for Abbi and Drew, who are mine forever!

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