Saturday, August 31, 2013

Oregon Coast {A Video}

On Friday morning we packed the car and started our {762} mile journey to the Oregon Coast where we spent Labor Day Weekend. It was such a LONG drive and we only spent two days there... but being surrounded by family at the beach made it all worth it! I absolutely LOVE the Oregon Coast! I love the smell of the ocean, the sound of the waves, the sand in my toes! I just love everything about it! Here is a preview of our incredible trip...

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Oregon Coast {Part One}

The drive to Oregon was L-O-N-G! Google Maps said it would take us 12 hours, but with our crazy one year old it, of course took longer than that! We left Friday morning after Drew taught his class and it happened to be the same time Abbigail normally goes down for her morning nap. It worked out perfect! She fell right asleep and slept for a couple hours! It was glorious! 

She woke up and needed some entertainment. Lucky for her, she has crazy parents who are pretty entertaining just by being themselves. So for the next little while we read story after story and snacked on goldfish crackers and grapes. Yum right? After a while, she was ready for another nap, but she fought it hard!

She finally fell asleep, we drove some more. Abbi decided she was ready for dinner when we were kind of in the middle of no where, so at the next gas station we stopped. Our sweet daughter had a gas station hot dog and banana for dinner. Sounds good huh? Oh the joys of long road trips. We finally stopped for dinner in the Dalles (subway) and got Abbi some Cheetos and and a chocolate chip cookie to keep her busy. BIG MISTAKE! 20 minutes after our dinner stop, she was screaming. When we got off the freeway to see what was wrong this is what we saw..

I should have seen that coming! It was EVERYWHERE! She got in on her face, hands, hair, up her nose, ALL OVER her new carseat, EVERYWHERE! We stripped her down, cleaned her off and put an oversized shirt on her.

We finally got to Portland, it had been a long 12 hour trip already and we still had 2 hours to go. We took a wrong turn and when we finally got back on track, we were both pooped. We got a hotel for the night, settled in and started reading some books to Abbigail. Cuddling on the bed with Drew and Abbi reading story after story made my heart melt. We forgot all the craziness of the day and just enjoyed our time together. Our night was perfect!

We got some sleep because the next day we would start our beach adventure! 

Oregon Coast {Part Two}

The moment we pulled up to the beach house, I opened the car door and could immediately smell and hear the ocean. I knew I was in my happy place. I am familiar with the Oregon Coast. I went often growing up and I have loved it for some time. 

The beach house my parents' rented was perfect. It was only a minute walk to the beach and it was a dream. There were basically two houses attached. Some slept in the larger house, and we (along with my younger siblings and Grandma) slept in the smaller house. But, we spent the day with everyone else and hung out in the big house. It was a big group of people and quite the party!

Not too long after we arrived, we all put on our matching shirts (parents made for the trip) and headed over to the beach to take pictures! Oh the weather was PERFECT! (all weekend actually.) If you're familiar with the coast at all, you know usually the weathers requires long pants, and sweatshirts. It was 75 degrees and sunny! You couldn't have asked for better weather!

As soon as Abbi saw the ocean, she started pointing saying "wow" and "ooooh". She LOVED it (from a distance.) She never did warm up to the temperature of the ocean. We took our traditional siblings jumping picture, introduced Abbigail to the ocean and soaked it all in.

Oh it was wonderful! After spending a little time at the beach, we headed into Tillamook. In Tillamook, we went to the farmers market and the Tillamook Cheese Factory. It was so much fun! I love going to farmers markets! They are always so colorful and full of personality! I just adore them!

... and I just adore the Cheese Factory as well! I've been quite a few times before this, and Drew and I went when we were on our honeymoon. actually this trip brought back a lot of memories from our honeymoon!) At the Cheese Factory, we went on the tour, sampled cheese, at incredible ice cream, and ate lunch at the cute cafe there. {my camera died right as we arrived, so all the pictures from here were from my sister's iphone. Thanks Savannah!

The next day we spent a lot of time at the beach! It was so perfect! The weather was warm enough we could put our swimsuits on and play in the water! So awesome! Again, Abbi didn't like the water, but she LOVED the sand and searching for cool rocks! So she had a good time..

After the beach, some of us went to go see a lighthouse! It was a smaller lighthouse, but still so fun to visit! We also went on a little hike to go see the "Octopus Tree". That was fun too! Except, on the way back down, Abbi tripped and got her first fat lip. Poor girl! She is really tough, and didn't cry for too long, but her lip was fat for a couple days!

After our fun day, we went back to the beach house, ate some dinner and sat on the deck where we had an awesome view of the beach. My Dad played some guitar and Abbigail danced! She loves music!

The next morning we packed up our bags and got ready for our long drive back home! We tried to get one last family picture before we left, but Abbi wouldn't exactly cooperate. So we blew bubbles at her... andit still didn't work. Little Stinker! 

We had SOOOO much fun at the Oregon Coast! A little vacation was just what we were needing and it was perfect! Thanks Mom & Dad! You guys are the best! Can't wait till we can see you again! 

Friday, August 30, 2013

Our Love Story: The Beginning

(I haven't ever really written down the details of our "love story" and I really want to remember it, so you lucky people get to hear our mushy gushy romantic love story. Hope you enjoy!)

September 2010:
Our very first encounter was long before we even started dating. It was the fall semester of 2010 at Brigham Young University-Idaho.  Drew was serving as the Stake Executive Secretary Assistant at this time. There was a stake fireside one Sunday evening and I went with a friend I met up at school (Brian). Well Brian happened to be a friend of Drew’s as well and had actually grown up in the same town (Inkom) as Brian. Drew was busy helping set up for the fireside when he saw Brian. So he came over to say hi to Brian and Brian quickly introduced Drew and I. We didn’t talk, and Drew quickly had to leave to get more stuff ready. As soon as Drew was gone, Brian said to me, “You should date Drew!” I said something along the lines of  “No, I’m not really looking to date someone right now.” (typical right???) This was my very first semester at BYU-I, and a serious relationship was an intimidating thought. 

During that semester,  I was very content with life. I became better and better friends with Brian and his roommates. My roommates and Brian's roommates all hung out together. Throughout the semester Brian kept telling me I should date Drew. Brian would even go as far as teasing me about setting me up on a date with this guy named Drew Wright, but it never happened. Each time Brian would mention Drew to me, I would say no. At one point, I considered letting Brian set me up, so I looked up Drew on Facebook. Before even knowing Drew, I had already looked at his mission pictures, family vacations, etc. (Who hasn't done this? Don't judge!) I noticed Drew was not tall. In fact, he looked short! Gasp! (This had always been a "requirement" of my future husband. When I imagined my future husband, he was over 6’ tall). I said something about this to Brian and he said, “He is taller than you!” I just rolled her eyes. Then Brian said, “What if he is the guy you are supposed to marry and you won’t date him because he is short?” This made me think a little bit, was I really that shallow? Would I really not consider Drew because of his height?

During Thanksgiving break, I went back to Washington to be with my family and Brian went to Inkom, where he saw Drew again. They hung out during Thanksgiving break and because Brian's current roommate was getting married (to my sister, by the way) he needed a new roommate and asked Drew to move in with him. Drew said no because he was really happy with where he was living, his roommates, etc. This next part is from Drew's personal journal:

"At first I said no because I was happy where I was. I didn’t want to move and I felt comfortable staying where I was. But the idea of moving in with Brian kept coming back to my mind during the break, but I kept pushing it off. Finally, it just felt right, and after talking with my dad I decided that it would be better for me to move in with Brian and Matt. I still remember pulling into the parking lot at Brian’sapartment at the end of the break and telling him I would move in with them. The most relieving feeling came over me. It was a confirmation from the spirit tellingme that was right."


** And because I don't have any pictures from this part of "our story", enjoy these pictures from the VERY beginning...

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Party

We had Abbigail's birthday party on Saturday the 24th. Originally, I wanted to have a grand 'ol party with fancy decorations that I had made myself, and homemade food, etc.. But instead some balloons and printed pictures of Abbi were the only decorations and all the food was store bought. And that is okay! In fact, it was perfect. It took a lot of the pressure off me and I was able to just enjoy the party with all of the family that came. Her Party was perfect! {Except for the fact I got stung by a bee for the first time in my whole life! And if ANYONE tells you it "doesn't hurt too bad", They are lying through their teeth!} - Just FYI. 

Her party was small. We only had family there... a total of maybe 15 people, but the love we felt for Abbi was 20X that. We are so blessed with a family who loves and adores our sweet girl. At first Abbi was a little nervous, because everyone wanted her attention and she hadn't seen some of these people in a while. It only took about 15 minutes and she took center stage! She walked around saying "hi" to everyone and blowing TONS of kisses! We started the party off by socializing and eating some lunch! I had gone to Walmart earlier that day and bought sandwiches and fruit. Thank you Walmart, because your food (including the cake) was surprisingly delicious! We all enjoyed each others company while we ate and Abbigail enjoyed going from person to person and stealing food from quite a few different people. Strawberries seemed to be her favorite that day ( I know, the only food that will stain her clothes), she couldn't get enough of them! 

After lunch, we opened presents. If you are looking for a way to save a little money - most of Abbigail's presents were toys that she has already been playing with and loves, put in a fancy shmancy bag. The look on her face as she pulled the tissue paper out of the bags was priceless, regardless of the present inside. She definitely got spoiled that little cutie. 

... and of course, my favorite part of the party was the cake smash! A couple weeks before, we had made a practice cake and gave a piece to Abbigail. She destroyed it. I had no doubt in my mind that her cake smash would be a success. Although, I do have to mention, as we were singing happy birthday to her, the fire from the candle on the cake touched one of the balloons attached to her highchair and made the balloon pop. Everyone screamed, Abbi started crying and overall it was a pretty tramatizing experience. But we got her calmed down, took the candle away and put the cake in front of her. This was the result: 

Overall, I'd say her party was a big success! We are so grateful for the awesome support system we have! Abbi has a super family! Slowly, I am accepting the fact that my sweet baby girl is a one year old. As hard as it is to watch her grow up, I am loving the stage she is in now. Having a little toddler running around is so fun! (and it keeps me SUPER busy.) I can't wait for all the fun times we will have this year! Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!