Sunday, March 25, 2012

Life Update!

Life is wonderful and unexpected sometimes. A month ago, we had everything figured out. I was going to graduate and be done with school BEFORE the baby comes, Drew was going to continue to work like a maniac and finish this December, THEN we were going to move to Pocatello and start our adventure outside of Rexburg. But things have changed! We are now moving to Pocatello the first week in April! We found a cute one bedroom apartment that we are going to live in for the next 4 months while I do an internship and Drew works  his cute bum off. We decided to take a semester off of school and earn money for when the baby comes instead of getting into more debt. After praying about this, we both feel really calm and peaceful about it. Drew and I both will graduate April of 2013. Even though this means staying in Rexburg longer than planned... we both know it is what we are supposed to be doing right now. :)

School has been going great and is really busy for both Drew and I. Luckily, we are ALMOST DONE! Only one more week.. and then it is finals week! I have had a really fun semester working at a local elementary school helping run their afterschool program. We have about 60-70 kids total in the program. I have gotten to know just about all of them and it has just reaffirmed my love for children. I can't wait to have one of my own and be a mommy to one of God's precious spirits! Drew also has been busy this semester he actually developed a 3 part workshop on how to strengthen your relationship by improving communication and creating an emotional connection. He put so much work into it and it ended up being a very well put together workshop { and his professor only had positive things to say about it, which is also a plus!}.

Baby Update! I have been feeling super great lately! I am now over 16 weeks pregnant and can't go one night without dreaming about our little one. The gender changes each night, so I don't even have a guess as to what we are actually having. The exciting thing is hopefully we will get to find out very soon! Doctors up here in Rexburg like to wait until you are about 20 weeks. {Even though they could probably tell us now, if they looked}. Drew and I are extremely excited to find out! Each time we go to the store, I walk straight to the baby section and look at car seats and clothes. Drew says because we don't know if we are having a boy or a girl yet, we should wait to buy clothes. But he did tell me that the week we find out, we can go buy and outfit or two! WOOHOO! This will definitely be my weakness this summer. {adorable baby clothes!}. Thats about all that is happening in our lives right now. Enjoy this Baby Bump update (definitely getting bigger!)
16.5 Weeks!

16.5 Weeks!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


As most of you probably know... Drew and I are Expecting! We couldn't be happier! I took a Pregnancy test on December 31st 2011 and we got the good GREAT news! {Happy New Year!}

After that, we pretty much kept it our little secret until the end of January when my Mom's birthday came along. We were asking her about how her birthday went and what she got for it. Then I told her that Drew and I got her a present too... but it wouldn't be here until September! To say she was excited would be an understatement. Both families couldn't be more excited for us. We are so blessed to have families who show us so much love and support.

A few days after spilling the beans to both sides of the family we had our first ultrasound! I honestly couldn't believe I actually had a little human {looked more like a gummy bear} growing inside of me. It all seemed so surreal! It still does a little bit...
Our cute gummy bear

 The Doctor said our little gummy bear is absolutely perfect! It was such a cool day to go and see our baby moving around. I'm a momma! :)

About 4 weeks later we went to another appointment and we were able to hear our sweet baby's heartbeat! I don't even know how to describe how incredible it was to know our little one has a heartbeat! He/She is alive and cookin!

I have had a fairly easy pregnancy so far. I have only actually gotten sick a few times and I only feel nauseous if I  don't have enough food in my belly. {this baby likes food!} The only difficult thing so far is NO food looks good. So i don't want to eat, which makes me feel sick and it is a never ending cycle. As long as I force myself to eat, I do ok. Don't get me wrong, Everything about this pregnancy is totally worth it! (Even if it means becoming a huge blueberry when I am not even 14 weeks along!)...
13.5 Weeks

13.5 Weeks!
13.5 Weeks!
And that pretty much brings us up to date! As i get further along, I will be sure to post more pictures and tell more stories. Drew and I are so grateful for this time in our lives. We look forward to when our sweet baby (girl OR boy) comes and we can cuddle them in our arms. We can't wait to be parents!