Sunday, August 3, 2014

Happy Sunday: Good Parenting.

Something that has been on my mind lately is the fact that in 5 {or less} short weeks, we will be welcoming a perfect, innocent, sweet baby into this world. Drew and I will be the parents to TWO children. God has given us the opportunity to raise two of his beautiful daughters! For that, I am so grateful! But I am also feeling extremely overwhelmed! 

I have babysat since I was ten years old, being a mother has been a dream of mine since I knew what a mother is, I even studied child development and parenting in college for four years, but somehow, now that I have children and am having to apply all those teachings, my mind has gone blank! Every time Abbigail refuses to eat, throws a tantrum or yells "NO!", I feel lost. Days go by and I realize we have watched TV and movies ALL day, she has been sucking on her pacifier for the majority of the day and hasn't eaten anything but applesauce that day and I feel like a failure. My mind tells me that surely I am the ONLY mom in the world who doesn't give her child enough attention, can't get her to eat good food and just can't get her to sleep when she is supposed to. 

Motherhood has me completely concerned, exhausted and scared. I have the responsibility to raise these two precious girls in righteousness. In a world that is so complicated, confused and alarming, I have the responsibility to teach my children what is right and how to be a good influence in this world. 

When I am feeling like this, I feel so grateful for the resources that my Father in Heaven has given me. When I am feeling totally lost, I know I can pray to my Heavenly Father and he will answer my prayer and give me direction. He has given us a living prophet who, along with other righteous leaders, receive revelation from God and who teach us so clearly what Heavenly Father wants us to learn. 

God has blessed me with these two daughters and I do have the responsibility to raise them right, but I don't have to do it alone. Heavenly Father is there 100% of the time to bear me up, to support and to guide me. 

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