Thursday, November 15, 2012

No Good, Very Bad Day

Ever feel like this? Like it's only been a few hours since I woke up but i'm already ready for the day to be done so I can go back to sleep... We are fighting colds at our house. My best friends these days are my box of tissues, sleep, and Alka-Seltzer Plus tablets (Oh and Drew too, He is always my best friend). All I want to do is stay in my pajamas, grab a blanket lay on the couch and watch Hairspray or Runaway Bride. 


There is a GIANT pile on laundry on my couch waiting for me to fold it.
Another pile of laundry in a basket waiting for me to wash it.
Dishes need to be done.
Baby won't sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time and when she is awake, she isn't happy.
I HAVE to shower and get ready for the day because less than an hour from now I am supposed to be on campus for a group meeting.


There is a split moment where I glance down at my baby girl while I am feeding her, we make eye contact and she gives me the biggest smile I have seen from her yet. Somehow that makes me forget about all the negative things that have happened during my day. Somehow all I can think about is how grateful I am to be her mother. I'm grateful that God blessed me with the ability to have children and then the same baby who I was irritated with because she wouldn't sleep became the baby that made my day a Bajillion times better. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Oriental Chicken Salad

Remember back when I went to this birthday party? My sister-in-law made a delicious Oriental Chicken Salad and I have been wanting to make it ever since. BUT I "wouldn't have time" or I would "forget to buy the ingredients". SO NO MORE EXCUSES. I made it! SO good! I went over to my good friend Brielle's house. You can find her blog here. I made salad and we watched some Netflix together. Not a bad afternoon. I decided to post the recipe on here 1. so you guys can all make and enjoy this heavenly salad and 2. so I won't forget how to make it. 

Things you'll need:
2-3 Chicken Breasts
1 Head of Cabbage
Sliced Almonds
Green Onions
Ramen Noodles
2 T White Vinegar
2/3 C Oil
2 T Sugar

This is a fairly easy salad to make and most of you can probably figure it out without me putting step by step instructions, BUT for those of you who have no idea what you're doing (like me) I will make it a little easier for you. 

  1. First you will need to dice the chicken and cook it. I added salt and pepper to the chicken while I was cooking it (just a little more flavor). While the chicken was cooking I shredded the cabbage and chopped the green onions. After the chicken is done cooking, mix the chicken, green onions, cabbage, almonds, and ramen noodles (raw and crushed up). 
  2. Then add the dressing, which is the sugar, vinegar, oil, salt/pepper and the packets of seasoning that come with the ramen noodles. We ate our salad as soon as it was done, but if you aren't going to eat it right away, don't put the dressing on until right before. It tends to make the salad soggy if you put it on too early. 
That's it! Super easy! Hope you enjoy!