Friday, August 8, 2014


The older Abbigail gets, the better she is getting at talking. It amazes me how quickly she will learn a new word or phrase. She is starting to talk in sentences more and more. I am always in shock, when my baby comes up to me and says, "more, melk pease!" "Dank you, Mama!" or "I watch show pease!" It just blows my mind that my little baby can talk in sentences! I guess she isn't my "baby" anymore. {excuse me while I go bawl in the corner!} I want to remember as much of these precious moments as possible... so periodically, I want to do a #conversationswithabbi post. My memory is terrible! Hopefully, writing these funny moments down will help me remember them forever!


+ I guess when Abbi is in my way, I say "beep, beep, beep" to get her to move... and she has really picked up on that. The other day, I was taking trying to take a laundry basket from our laundry room to the family room so I had more room for folding (which let's be honest, never actually got done.) but I couldn't lift it. So I bent over and started dragging the laundry basket down the hallway when I hear a little voice coming from behind me saying, "Beeep! Beeep! Beeep!" I couldn't help but just laugh...  #wideloadcomingthrough

+ In Costco the other day we saw some Disney princess and Dora the Explorer "big girl panties." As soon as I saw them, I took Abbigail over and started to make a big deal about how cool they were! I was saying things like, "wow! look how fun!" "you get to wear big girl panties when you go potty in the big potty.." "wouldn't it be fun to wear big girl panties?" She was soaking it all in and really looking interested. Finally it was time to go, so I took her hand and we started walking away. She couldn't leave without turning around and as she waved said "bye panties! Bye bye panties!" She probably said bye to them ten times and progressively got louder as we got further away from them...  Let's just say, we got some strange looks as we were walking away.

+After spending two days with Nana and Grandpa (Drew and I had training in Boise for seminary) we packed up the car, to take Abbi back home with us. As we put Abbigail in her carseat, {she was sobbing} she looks up at Drew and through her tears says, "I NEED Nana!" - talk about breaking a Mama's heart! Why can't we just live closer to family?! 

+ Lately, Abbigail has fallen in love with her rocking horse that Great Grandpa Wright made her! She sits on it and rocks all. day. long! I love it! But even more recently, she will say "yee-haw" as she rocks. Only, it comes out "ahhh-haw!". We try and teach her to say "Yee" and she will say it perfectly, then I tell her to say "haw" and she says "ahhh-haw!" and then combining the two words always comes out "ahhh-haw!" At first I was so concerned about teaching her the right way to say it and now I'm just accepting it, because let's be honest... it's kinda the cutest thing ever and she will learn how to say it correctly eventually, right?!

+ Recently Abbi has learned that when someone sneezes, you say, "bless you." (She might be the most polite two year old I have ever met) So now she walks around the house saying, "achoo! bwess you, achoo! bwess you!" Over and over again. I love it!

+ Where are you has become a popular question in our house. It really doesn't matter what she is looking for, she can't search for it with out saying, "are you?" Throughout the day, I will hear things like, "shoe, are you? Kitty, are you? Daddy, are you? Mimmie, are you?" It makes me smile every time!

I love hearing her vocabulary grow! As much as I hate that my little Abbi is growing up, I love seeing her little personality shine through! I can't wait to see her as a big sister! 

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