Monday, August 4, 2014

I had an "accident!"

Can I just preface this post by saying yes, this is very embarrassing and yes, I debated back and forth whether or not to post it on this blog, but pregnancy does crazy things to a woman's body! I don't blame many things on "being pregnant", but bladder control, I definitely do! Therefore, that makes up for the embarrassing part... right?! {plus, this was just too darn funny to forget.} So without further ado, enjoy this post and try not to laugh at me too hard!


My story begins thursday night at 10:30pm. One second I'm not hungry at all, satisfied with the dinner we ate a few hours earlier and Drew and I are getting ready for bed and then BAM! I'm starving and I know exactly what I want... A Premium Crispy Chicken Club sandwich from McDonalds (no cheese and no tomato), fries and a large Diet Coke. Yes, that was it! But the closest McDonalds is fifteen minutes away, it's dark outside and I hate driving in the dark! Plus, we are in our PJ's and it's bedtime for Heaven's sake! I don't need McDonalds right now! {Has any other pregnant woman tried talking themselves out of a craving?! Did it work? It most definitely did NOT work for me!} I had an inner debate for about thirty seconds before I told Drew about my dilemma. I'm sure he did not want to, but he is too good to me and willingly left for McDonalds...

Once he got home, I ate my glorious sandwich and drank that diet coke very happily! I didn't understand the consequences of drinking a large diet coke so late at night, but I was satisfied again. We finished getting ready for bed and fell asleep.

It's 3:15am. I'm having a dream that I'm fairly certain many if not most people have had at some point in their life (even if they don't care to admit it!) The last time I had this dream I was ten years old and once I woke up, I was humiliated! You all know what dream I'm talking about... the one where you are dreaming about going to the bathroom and when you wake up, you actually "went to the bathroom." Last night was a little bit different; I woke up mid dream. 

Tired and confused, I started thinking out loud:
Me: "I think I just peed my pants"
Drew: "Peed your pants?"
Me: "Yeah! I think I just wet the bed!"

I reached down, and felt...

Me: "Oh my gosh, Drew! I seriously, just wet the bed!"

I'm actually very surprised at how clam Drew was. I think it was because he was pretty much asleep still... but regardless, if the roles had been switched, I know I would not have been as calm and loving as he was! 

I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. I cleaned up and put new clothes on... When I came back out, Drew told me he didn't see or feel any "wet spot" on our bed, and he was right! How was that possible?! Some miracle, I tell you because I wasn't imagining things! My pants were definitely wet! I really did wet the bed! Somewhat Extremely humiliated, I double, triple and quadruple checked that the bed sheets were dry and then slowly crawled back into bed and fell asleep... 

Forty-five minutes later, Abbigail comes running into our room, fully awake! It's 4:00AM! This happens occasionally, and Drew just takes her back to bed, where she will usually stay and fall back asleep until about 6:30 or 7. Only this time, he came back and said, 

"She peed through. He PJ's are soaked and her sheet is wet too..."

I told Drew to go back to bed and I happily went to go clean her up and put new sheets on her bed. Any other morning, I would not have been so willing to do so, especially so early in the morning, but today was different. I was secretly happy she wet the bed too because at least I wasn't alone... 

Please tell me I'm not alone! 
Any other embarrassing stories you'd like to share? 
Pregnancy related or not, I'd love to hear them! 
I won't judge, if you don't! ;)

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