Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Maternity Pictures!

Last week, we ventured back to good 'ol Rexburg, Idaho. My brother and his cute wife graduated from BYU-I. It was so bitter/sweet to be back in that town that we love so much! Rexburg is where we met, fell in love, and started our family. It's fun to be grown up with a real job and in a more permanent living situation, but part of our hearts will always miss Rexburg, Idaho. 

While we were in Rexburg, Abbigail (and some other family members) caught a really nasty flu bug. We ended up packing up and going home early. We didn't even actually attend the graduation ceremony we went there for... but we heard it was great and we're so proud of Cameron and McKenna! 

Before all of that nasty sickness happened, we partied with family for two days! My sister and her little girl were in town from Kansas, so we had all the little cousins on my side together! (which doesn't happen very often) It was so, so fun! They are all getting old enough that they actually played together and surprisingly they played nice! (separate blog post coming!)

One other thing we were able to do was meet up with my good friend Jessica and get maternity pictures taken! I didn't get maternity pictures taken when I was pregnant with Abbigail and it's something that I have always regretted. As much as I complain about actually being pregnant, I am constantly amazed at how incredible my body is! Lets get real, I'M GROWING A HUMAN BEING! Even now, reflecting on these pictures, I am realizing there is something truly amazing about my body, especially while pregnant! I will always, always treasure these pictures! Seriously, if you are in the Rexburg area and are looking to get pictures taken, contact Jessica! She is awesome and affordable! (JO Photography)

Here are just a few of my favorites! Thanks again Jessica! You're the best! 

(Side note: Abbi wasn't exactly cooperative during this shoot, and most of the pictures were of Abbigail throwing her usual tantrum... but luckily we decided to take most of the pictures in an orchard and picking apples distracted her enough that we got a few good pictures! Thank goodness!)

Less than six weeks until little sister arrives! We are all so anxious and excited! 
Any tips on preparing our two year old for a new baby in the house would be warmly welcomed!
But seriously, I'm not kidding... Advice please?!?

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