Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lily - 2 Months!

Holy Cow! Can you believe it has been 2 whole months since our sweet Lily was born?! Time has flown by! I am loving every second of the stage she is in. I can't get enough of her smiles and coo's. They are definitely the best medicine!

At 2 Months, Lily:

+ Weighs 8lbs 13oz and is 22 inches long! I have been convincing myself that Lily just has to weigh more than Abbigail did at this age. She feels heavier and has more "rolls" than Abbi did. So when we went to the doctor and she didn't even weigh 9lbs, I just laughed.  At Abbigail's 2 month appointment, she weighed in at 9lbs 2oz. A whole 5oz difference ;) 

+ Is discovering her voice, and I absolutely love it! The coo's, the ahhh's, the oooo's, I love them all! The first couple months with a newborn is hard. Trying to get into some sort of routine can be really difficult, so I like to think the start of smiles and coo's is my reward for surviving. Right?

+ Loves taking baths, which is totally opposite of Abbigail at this age. But seriously, when we wash Lily's hair, she gets so relaxed! It's like a baby spa; she rolls her eyes and her body goes limp. If she could talk I know she would be saying, "I love this!", "That feels so nice!" or "Please, don't stop!" It's hilarious! 

+ Sleeps like a champ! I don't know how we got so lucky and I pray it sticks! We give her a bottle between 10 and 11, then she will wake up again sometime between 4:30 and 5:30. But the other night, she slept from 10:30 - 6:30! EIGHT HOURS! It was incredible! Now if Abbi would only stop coming into our room at 3:00am to "sleep with us", we would really be on cloud nine! 

+ Has now officially transitioned from breastfeeding to formula feeding and is doing great! I hesitate writing about this because it's personal. Lily was doing great for the first couple weeks, but then had some issues latching. After help from a couple different lactation specialists and many frustrating days, we decided to pump exclusively.  Abbigail wasn't breastfed, and I was determined to give Lily breast milk. If she couldn't get it on her own, I would do it for her. We exclusively pumped for a month and a half before we ultimately decided to switch to formula. I really struggled when we made the switch. I have no problems with formula. I know it gives them the nutrients they need and I really enjoy being able to make eye contact with my baby as I feed her. Also, Drew can help and that counts for a bazillion bonus points in my book. The reason I struggled with the switch was because of the unnecessary guilt that I felt. I hate admitting it, but one of my biggest weaknesses is caring too much about what people think. After 4 years of studying child development, countless interactions with friends and family who exclusively breastfeed and reading many different blog posts and articles, I knew without a doubt that "Breast is Best!" But breastfeeding isn't always best. Every situation is different and so personal. No one should feel guilty for the way they feed their child! What matters is that you actually feed them and change them and bathe them and LOVE THEM! It shouldn't and doesn't matter if it is with breast milk or formula! {okay, end of rant.}

Abbigail has adjusted so well to her new title as big sister! I need to do a separate blog post about this, but I posted a video to my instagram of Abbi talking to Lily that sums it up pretty well. She can't get enough of her; it makes my heart melt! 

I think that sums 2 months of Lily pretty well! I didn't do a 1 month post on Lily, but here is a comparison to show you how much fast she is changing! It's crazy and I love it!


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