Monday, September 12, 2011


Ok, So before I got married, people always told me how incredible married life is. Now that I am married, I agree ONE HUNDRED PERCENT! This last weekend I have come down with a cold. at first it was just my nose and throat. I thought it was allergies. I was wrong. I woke up Saturday morning feeling terrible. All I wanted was some french toast and NO work. However, I had to go to a mandatory work training meeting that lasted 3 hours. We didn't have anything to make french toast so cereal had to do. :( While I was at work, not feeling well and craving french toast my incredible husband hurried around being simply incredible. After three long hours at work, Drew came and picked me up and I came home to this:

I walked in to door totally rambling about something not important and stopped in mid sentence and smiled. :) Gerber Daisies on the table. The table was set for two! For Lunch we had Sausage, Hash browns and French Toast (With HOMEMADE syrup!) It was the best Lunch Ever! It's great to have someone who takes such good care of me! You don't have to worry Mom and Dad, I am in good hands!  

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