Sunday, September 11, 2011


Ok, Ok, Ok, I know I am behind on Blogging. Slowly but surely, I will catch up!

Drew and I were able to go to the Oregon Coast (Lincoln City to be exact) on our honeymoon. It was SO relaxing and enjoyable!
TA DAH! Breath Taking right?

 We were able to have 3 nights and 4 days at the coast. Our humble abode while there was at the Pelican Shores Inn. Although it doesn't sound like much, It absolutely was! 

This is the view from our window!

King Suite (Including wine glasses, sparking cider and chocolate, "on the house")

Oh yeah! Beach front!

While we were there we went to the beach, did some shopping (GREAT outlet mall!), did some glass blowing, took a tour of the Tilamook Cheese Factory, Went to the beach some more, slept, ate, beach, and so on... Here are some pictures:
My husband's awesome photography skills... cool angle huh?

Finally here!


This is us! Mr. and Mrs. Wright!

He realized the water was COLD!

Then thought, "what the heck.. why not?"
Our glass blowing was a pretty cool experience. It is kinda like blowing up a balloon, only the balloon is glass and it is a lot more complicated! We chose our colors and eventually blew up the glass. Check it out!
Drew. He was in charge of snipping the balloon off the pole.

Me! Blowing up our glass balloon

Our work of art!
 Well, now we are home. We have almost organized our home. Everyday it feels a little more homey :) School starts tomorrow. We are both nervous but excited for the new semester to start. It is always nice to have some routine in our lives. Drew and I both started working again. I am back at my old job as an academic advisor on campus and Drew started to work in the admissions office. He is a TOUR GUIDE! oh and he answers phone calls. :) I wish I were a prospective student so I could go on one of his tours. I bet he is the best tour guide EVER! Anyways... I will blog more later, lots more to blog about! Until then...

Keep the Faith,

The Wright Family!

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