Sunday, October 16, 2011


Ok, Ok, I know I am terrible at this whole Blogging thing. I actually thought I was going to keep up with it. Then, school started, flu season came, and there has been ZERO time to blog. I've been having a hard time with taking pictures as well and I feel like a {Good} blog post needs pictures. Whats been going on with us? Well if you really want to know...
School started: Yes, this is no rumor. It is unfortunately true. Drew and I are both going to school this semester. I am taking a full load of credits and we are both working on campus. Drew works in Admissions and I am still working as an Academic Counselor on campus. BUT, we are lucky to have just about the same schedule. We go on campus at 7:30AM and get home at 5PM. Since Drew and I both have campus jobs, we dress nice professional everyday . Jeans or no longer in our wardrobe (except for weekends I guess).

He's a keeper!
 School is fine. Pretty much taking over our lives, but fine. I graduate in July and Drew will graduate the April after that. Graduation couldn't come soon enough {278 days}. WOO! 
Cameron's Birthday (and curtis): Happy 22nd Birthday to Cameron and Curtis (September 29th) {Yeah, I am that behind}. Because Cameron lives up here, I wanted to throw him a surprise birthday party. The problem with that is, their birthday was the Thursday before General Conference . People had already started to head out of town for the weekend. So it ended up being just a few people. We had TACOS for dinner and Lindsay made an Ice Cream cake. {delicious!}. It ended up being pretty fun! 

Mike and Brittany's Wedding! I don't have any pictures... But on Oct. 7th we (Me, Drew and Cameron) went down to Utah to see my cousin Mike be sealed for time and all {ETERNITY} to Brittany! I had never been inside the Salt Lake Temple! It was such a beautiful ceremony and they are a GORGEOUS couple! I am so excited to welcome Brittany to the family. I'm looking forward to getting to know her better. Congratulations Mike and Brittany Davis!
Tie Tying: Cool huh? Husband taught me how to tie a tie. For some reason, his looked a lot better than mine! Mine ended up being really FAT. I'm not sure how to fix that. I guess practice makes perfect.

Other than that, nothing too big has been happening. I got sick last week and then today Drew threw up a couple times, but we think he just had food poisoning. He is feeling better. School, work and spending time together are keeping us busy. I will put forth more of an effort to blog more OFTEN! Happy Happy Sunday!

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