Friday, August 30, 2013

Our Love Story: The Beginning

(I haven't ever really written down the details of our "love story" and I really want to remember it, so you lucky people get to hear our mushy gushy romantic love story. Hope you enjoy!)

September 2010:
Our very first encounter was long before we even started dating. It was the fall semester of 2010 at Brigham Young University-Idaho.  Drew was serving as the Stake Executive Secretary Assistant at this time. There was a stake fireside one Sunday evening and I went with a friend I met up at school (Brian). Well Brian happened to be a friend of Drew’s as well and had actually grown up in the same town (Inkom) as Brian. Drew was busy helping set up for the fireside when he saw Brian. So he came over to say hi to Brian and Brian quickly introduced Drew and I. We didn’t talk, and Drew quickly had to leave to get more stuff ready. As soon as Drew was gone, Brian said to me, “You should date Drew!” I said something along the lines of  “No, I’m not really looking to date someone right now.” (typical right???) This was my very first semester at BYU-I, and a serious relationship was an intimidating thought. 

During that semester,  I was very content with life. I became better and better friends with Brian and his roommates. My roommates and Brian's roommates all hung out together. Throughout the semester Brian kept telling me I should date Drew. Brian would even go as far as teasing me about setting me up on a date with this guy named Drew Wright, but it never happened. Each time Brian would mention Drew to me, I would say no. At one point, I considered letting Brian set me up, so I looked up Drew on Facebook. Before even knowing Drew, I had already looked at his mission pictures, family vacations, etc. (Who hasn't done this? Don't judge!) I noticed Drew was not tall. In fact, he looked short! Gasp! (This had always been a "requirement" of my future husband. When I imagined my future husband, he was over 6’ tall). I said something about this to Brian and he said, “He is taller than you!” I just rolled her eyes. Then Brian said, “What if he is the guy you are supposed to marry and you won’t date him because he is short?” This made me think a little bit, was I really that shallow? Would I really not consider Drew because of his height?

During Thanksgiving break, I went back to Washington to be with my family and Brian went to Inkom, where he saw Drew again. They hung out during Thanksgiving break and because Brian's current roommate was getting married (to my sister, by the way) he needed a new roommate and asked Drew to move in with him. Drew said no because he was really happy with where he was living, his roommates, etc. This next part is from Drew's personal journal:

"At first I said no because I was happy where I was. I didn’t want to move and I felt comfortable staying where I was. But the idea of moving in with Brian kept coming back to my mind during the break, but I kept pushing it off. Finally, it just felt right, and after talking with my dad I decided that it would be better for me to move in with Brian and Matt. I still remember pulling into the parking lot at Brian’sapartment at the end of the break and telling him I would move in with them. The most relieving feeling came over me. It was a confirmation from the spirit tellingme that was right."


** And because I don't have any pictures from this part of "our story", enjoy these pictures from the VERY beginning...

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