Friday, January 9, 2015

Abbigail Says...

(Giving me a hug) "Ohhhh... my Ashwee"

(To about 20 strangers while grocery shopping) "I see my frwiends! Heywoah frwiends!"

(Walking through Winco) "Mama, I see sumpin! It's chocowate! It's yummy in my tummy!"

(With a white sock on each hand) " Wook Mama, It's pwitty snow on my hands!"

(Walking in on me using the bathroom) "Hooway Mama! You did it! You went pee pee in da potty!"

(When she wants to be carried) "Mama,  me carry you?"

(When she needs help) "Mama, me help you?"

(As I am changing Lily's diaper) " Oooooh is it poop? I need to see!"

Potty Training Gems:

(Fighting a potty break) "I'm too widdle to go potty!"

(As I'm trying to put new underwear on her) "NO! I need a diaper!"

(I gave her the option of going potty or taking a nap) "Ummm... I choose hug."

(Sitting on the toilet, arms folded, and pouting) "I not wear big gurl panties anymore!"

(After I tell her it's time to go potty) "No fank you! I no wanna go potty! No fank you!"

* Just as a side note: this makes it seem like she hates going potty and I'm forcing it... which may be partially true, but the majority of the time she is awesome! The funny quotes just tend to be the not so happy times! ;)

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