Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Ghost of Santa Pictures Past..

 I have said it before, and I will say it again, I am "that mom" and I'm proud of it! I am that mom who drags her screaming child up to Santa's lap and forces a jolly, old man, whom I have never met, to hold on tight to said child so I can get one or twenty decent pictures. I love being able to look back on years past and see the growth.  So to the parents and kids in line behind us, please be forgiving and to the Santa holding my screaming kid, please understand, this is what you signed up for! ;)

This year, I have to tell you, Abbigail was stoked to meet Santa! We had been talking about him all morning before we went to meet him, and she was so excited! I asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she said, "Ummmm, how bout bwue toys!" So I explained that she would need to tell that to Santa Claus because he is the one that brings her presents! She totally understood. I asked her if she wanted anything else for Christmas and she informed me she also wanted "bwocks and a mic-a-pone!"

We got to our ward Christmas breakfast and she found some friends and ran off to go play. Not too long later, they announced they had a special visitor. Santa Claus was here! The kids all cheered, Abbigail included! We waited in line and watched as the kids in front of us took turns sitting on Santa's lap and getting their picture taken. Abbigail was all in. She kept saying, "Wook Mama! It's Santa Cwaus!" and "Hooway Mama! I want Santa Cwaus!"

But then it was our turn. There was no one standing between sweet Abbi and some bearded stranger motioning her over to sit on his lap! Haha. She just about died. I felt bad for a second, and then, I didn't. I kept telling her "It's okay Abbi! It's Santa Claus! We love Santa!" as I dragged her screaming little body over and plopped her on his lap. We stuck Lily on his lap as well and snapped the picture. They were there for 30 seconds tops! I promise it was quick and painless painful apparently.

It didn't take long for her to calm down. Once we saw Santa, we packed up and went home. Drew asked, "Abbi did you see Santa? Did you tell him what you want for Christmas?" and she replied, "Yep! I Yike Santa!"

All was forgiven and I got my annual Santa picture. It eventually turned into a happy situation and you can bet your bottom dollar, I will do it again next year!

And for your enjoyment, Past Santa pictures. I can't believe 1. How much Abbigail has grown {insert tears here} and 2. How similar Abbigail and Lily look as infants! They're twins!

^^ Abbigail 2012 ^^

^^ Abbigail 2013 ^^
^^ Lily & Abbigail 2014 ^^

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