Monday, December 22, 2014

Naptime Lovin'

Every morning, Lily goes down for a quick nap from about 9-9:30. Abbigail can't stand it. "Mama? Where'd Will-Wee go?" I tell her she is taking a nap and Abbi replies with, "hmmm, I know! Wet's go get her!" She is always sad when I tell her we can't. Thank goodness it's a quick nap! 

When she hears Lily crying, she runs sprints into Lily's room to help her. Sometimes, if I'm feeling really nice, I let her climb into the crib to see Lily. Their relationship makes me so happy! Abbigail loves Lily (almost to death) and Lily smiles and goes along with everything! It's so fun to watch! I can just imagine them in 15 years, hanging out in each other's beds, talking about school, make-up and who they want to go to Prom with. I hope they will always be best friends. 

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