Monday, December 15, 2014

My Little Artist.

We had A LOT of fun this morning playing with watercolor paints! Abbigail is getting older (duh, Ashley!) and with that her personality is just exploding! I love it! I'm not sure where exactly she gets her creativity from, but she has the greatest imagination. It's my favorite! 

I have been wanting to teach her how to use watercolor paints. There are so many different fun coloring pages you can print out this time of year, I was sure she would love it. She isn't the biggest fan of Santa {See this instagram post} but she is obsessed with our Christmas Tree! I found a cute page off of Google and we were ready to go! 

She loved dipping the paintbrush in water, then choosing whatever color she wanted! She would always say the color out loud before she put the paintbrush in it. "I want yell-yo", "I need gween!", "I yub bwue mama!" It was the cutest! 

Once she finished her painting, she yelled, "I all done Mama! Wook, it's so pwetty!" She was so proud of herself! Then she got distracted by the paintbrush. Apparently paintbrushes, spoons, empty toiletpaper rolls, markers, and anything small enough for her to hold in one hand becomes her microphone and she breaks into song. 

"Wook Mama! It's a Mic-wa-pone!" Then she sings her go-to song, "I wike you, I wike you, just da way you are!" {Thanks again Daniel Tiger!}

I am so grateful for this two year old! I can't believe I am so lucky to spend my days with her. She makes my heart so happy! 

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