Thursday, December 11, 2014

Lily - 3 Months!

Seriously? How is it possible that Lily is 3 months old already?! Can someone please explain to me how a 20 mile stretch on a road trip when you have a bad headache, your two year old is throwing up, and baby crying can feel like an eternity, but the moments you actually want to remember pass in the blink of an eye? Come on, that's not fair! I guess you will just have to keep putting up with a trillion cabillion pictures, so I can remember these days...

At 3 Months Lily:

+ Is slowly, but surely, starting to fit into size 3 month clothes. 95% of her wardrobe still consists of newborn size outifts, but we're getting there! She is longer than Abbigail was (like in the 50th percentile guys!) So her pants get too short before her waist actually fits in the 3 months or even 0-3 month size... but we're making it work.

+Wears size 1 diapers. Also, can I just say she has the cutest, tiniest bum in the whole entire world. And guys, I've been babysitting since I was 11 years old. I have over 13 years of "bum experience", so I think I can say (objectively) that my baby has the cutest! ;)

+Is finding her voice even more this month and she talks a lot! I think she just likes hearing her voice. She coo's and ooooh's and ahhh's and different combinations of the three. Daddy made her giggle once and now she won't do it again, but boy does she give the best smiles! Her biggest smiles come right when she wakes up in the morning and right after she has finished her bottle. I love it!

+ She eats about 4oz of formula every 3-4 hours until about 9pm. After that, she wakes up once during the night to eat, then falls right back asleep until about 7 or 8am. I'm telling you, she is perfect! Although, she is the spit-up queen! And let me tell you, she has earned that title! We don't have burp "rags" in our house, we have burb blankes, burp shirts and burp towels! Seriously, whatever item of clothing is closest, becomes the emergency burp rag. Also, you're never safe from it! It could be hours since she last ate and surprise {execpt NOT a surprise} here comes more lovely spit-up. Abbigail didn't spit-up hardly ever, so that has been a big adjustment. If baby spit up smelt like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies or pretty flowers I wouldn't even mind it, but it doesn't. Not even close. It's like 5 galaxies away from smelling half as good as freshly baked cookies. Am I right?  Can I get an Amen? Regardless, we still love her...

Spit-up aside, she is perfect. It's as simple as that. She eats well, sleeps like a dream and is so, so happy in between! Abbigail can't get enough of her. Her most popular line at the moments is when Lily is crying, she will say, "Oh-No! Will-Wee is cwying! Wet's go help her!" and she runs off! Haha, It's my favorite! It's safe to say, we are pretty smitten with this baby of ours! No amount of heart eye emojis could suffice. 

^^ That face though, it melts my heart a thousand times over! ^^

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