Thursday, December 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Drew!

Yesterday (December 3rd) We celebrated Drew's 26th birthday! Drew wanted it to be as low key as possible, so that's exactly what we did. While Drew was at work, we colored him pictures, sang happy birthday for the camera, and baked him a cake. {funny little insert: Abbigail chose his cake. I asked what kind we should get him and she said, "umm a bwue one!" So that's exactly what he got!}

Baked with love!
We are so grateful to have Drew in our lives! He really is the best husband and the best father! He is patient, caring, passionate, dedicated, selfless and loving. We know that we are his top priority! Nothing is more important to him than making us happy!

Happy Birthday Drew! I hope we made your day as special as you make our lives EVERYDAY! We sure love you! 

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