Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Abbigail Says...

(Standing on top of her bike) "Don't worwee Mama! I Okay!"

(After I tell her it's naptime) " Nope, it's time to wake uppp! {Insert cheesy grin}

(Holding my keys) " I weady Mama, Wets go! Wets go to Nana's house!"

(On repeat all day long) "Come on Mama! I want to show you sumpin!" {grabs my hand and pulls me where she wants me to go.}

(In the Dairy section of Walmart) "Wook Mama! I see sumpin! Its stwawbewies!" {What she actually saw was some strawberry flavored yogurt that had a picture of a teeny tiny strawberry on the package! Good eye little one...}

(Hearing the Dryer run and thinking it is the garage opening) "Daddy's home! Wet's go see!"

(After I told her she couldn't have anymore cookies) "But Mama, I so fwustwated!"

(While eating her fried rice) "Wook, a pea!" {cue squeaky voice} "It's so cute!"

(I asked her what she wanted for lunch) " I hab a deeya {I have an idea}, wets eat Mac n cheeeese!"

(After she dropped a plate of fake food) "Oh No! I fwop ebbeyfing! I fwop ebbeyfing!" 

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