Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Abbigail Says...

{While driving home from Thanksgiving vacation} "Umm, Dad? My toe is bwo-ken" (We looked back and saw her eating her big toe)

{Walking outside one night} "Look Mama, The Moon! It's so pwetty; I want to hold it!"

{Looking at Lily} "Oh Will-Wee, you're so cute!"

{I was getting after Abbi for not sharing and was in mid-sentence} "Mama, I want a hug. A big hug!"

{Eating pizza for dinner} "I need a spoon!"

{Holding her baby doll} "Mama, I need a bottle!" I gave her a medicine syringe to use. "Thanks Mama!" She then goes into Lily's room, climbs into the rocking chair and proceeds feeding her baby while saying "shhhhhh"

{Watching me change Lily's diaper} "Oh Dat's Will-Wee's poop. It's, ummm, stinky!"

{Looking at a picture from our wedding} "Look, it's Mama and Daddy kissing! Oh dat's so fun!"

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