Friday, April 4, 2014

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice!

I've never been good at having patience. When I want something, I want it now! So when my Doctor told me they wouldn't do an "early" ultrasound to check the sex of our sweet baby, I was extremely disappointed! 

I can remember when I was pregnant with Abbigail, the Doctor I went to would to an optional "gender check" for $50. When he told me that, I "waited" a whole 30 seconds before I scheduled the appointment. I know a few different women who can wait their whole pregnancy and not find out the sex of their baby until birth! I can totally imagine how awesome it would be to be surprised and after going through hard labor the doctor saying "It's a {fill in the blank} but I could not do it. Period. 

So at the end of March we were down in Utah and they have a few different places that will do specific "gender check" ultrasounds for you. I was 16 weeks pregnant and still didn't know the sex of my baby and that was 16 weeks too long! We kept the fact that were getting an ultrasound done a secret from pretty much everybody. We didn't want to make a big announcement and then have the baby hide their "parts" from us...

However, that wasn't the case! I was so nervous going into the exam room. My pregnancy thus far had been pretty similar to Abbigail, but I just knew it was a boy {Mothers intuition?} and that made me nervous. I feel like I have experience with mothering a girl. {I know a whole year and a half} But I am comfortable with having a girl. Throw a boy in the mix and it's a whole different ball game. We of course would have been thrilled with either, but another girl would be more in my comfort zone. 

My Mothers intuition was wrong! Two different ultrasound technicians were in the room with us. Baby girl had her legs spread wide! She wasn't hiding anything and was even giving us what looked like a thumbs up! Such a personality already! 

We couldn't be more excited about having a second little girl! 

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