Wednesday, April 9, 2014

This Girl...

+ She is petite, but makes up for it with personality!
+Loves going down the slide at the park! We don't go to the park everyday but that doesn't slow her down! She makes her own slide with anything and everything! I hear "Weeee", look up and she sliding off the couch, off her toy box or even just around the kitchen floor! {It's kind of my favorite!}
+Her last teeth have popped through {thank goodness!} so she should be done teething for a while...
+Loves babies {or any other child for that matter} It really doesn't matter if they are 3 months old, 3 years old or somewhere in between she sees, smiles, points and yells "baby!" It kills me every time! 
+She is a total Daddy's girl! Drew's car is broken, so we have been taking him to work everyday. She kisses him bye and is pretty content with me during the day, but when we go pick him up from work she loses interest in anything that involves Mommy and only wants Daddy. {and I'm okay with that.} It really melts my heart. I love her Daddy too. 

This list could go on forever! I love being her mother. I want to be able to remember all the little things. It's really those moments that could be easily forgotten that melt my heart the most. I am so grateful for this sassy toddler of mine! 

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