Friday, February 21, 2014

Our Big News!

{Rewind to January 2013}. When Abbigail was four months old, I had this thought/feeling that it was time to have another baby. Crazy, right?!? We had just had a baby four months prior, I already had a baby that was still waking up a couple times a night, barely rolling over, not talking, not eating solid food, heck she was still wearing newborn/0-3 clothing. What was I thinking?! But I couldn't shake this feeling. 

I brought my predicament up to Drew. I'm sure he thought I was nuts, but he was so calm and loving! We decided to both pray individually and as a couple to see what God had to say about this. It didn't take long for us to both receive our answer that we were indeed supposed to have another baby. Fearfully and excitedly we stopped taking birth control. 

{Eleven Months Passed.}

I understand there are some women, even some close friends that struggle with infertility for years! I'm not pretending I know what they are going through. I can't even imagine. One year may not seem like a long time, but I can tell you it was the hardest year of my life! I couldn't understand why God would tell us to have another baby, and then not allow us to conceive. What was going on?! 

This experience, as hard as it was, definitely humbled me. It taught me to have patience and to rely on God. It taught me that faith in God includes faith in His timing. It taught me how to pray more personally to God and really tell him what I was feeling and how much I was struggling. I think I can speak for both Drew and I when I say our relationship with our Father in Heaven grew so much stronger during this time. 


Drew was offered the Job and we moved to Kimberly, ID. My parents came to help us move in. My Mom asked me If I was pregnant and I told her I wasn't sure, but I didn't think so. She told me she had a feeling that I might be. Mothers Intuition?! I took a pregnancy test that weekend and it was positive. I couldn't do anything but cry. I was/ am so grateful to God for this chance to bring another sweet baby into this world. 

Currently, I am 10 weeks pregnant. We are due on September 16th, 2014. We couldn't be more excited! I am feeling the effects of "morning sickness" pretty much every day, but it is so worth it. Abbigail is already so nurturing with her baby dolls and stuffed animals. She loves babies and I know she will be a great big sister! 

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