Monday, February 17, 2014

Welcome Spring!

We love spring! It seems like the perfect time of year. The flowers start blooming, the birds are singing and it's good weather to go on a nice family walk and enjoy each others company. We had a random few days that were very springy. {And I didn't complain one bit.} This particular day, we waited until Drew got home from work, played with Abbi's car, and went on a walk around our neighborhood. 

We LOVE where we live! After only having two weeks to find a place and move, we were really nervous about signing a lease and being "stuck" in a place we hated. But I am absolutely certain that God had a BIG part in us finding this house to rent. It is the perfect size, less than a mile from Drew's school, in a great ward and there are a ton of kids in the neighborhood. We feel so blessed. 

As we walked, we started dreaming. There are a couple houses for sale and a few lots as well. One day we will buy/build a home and we will make it our own and raise our family there. I think about it often. But for now, we are just enjoying life where we are at. We're grateful for a good job, house, ward, community and family. I couldn't help but smile as I was holding my sweetheart's hand, he was pushing Abbigail in the stroller, she was talking to herself, and we were just reflecting on our many blessings. 

I'm looking forward to many more family walks just like this one. We love spring! It seems like the perfect time of year. 

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