Monday, October 14, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

This would probably be considered a "picture overload", but we had so much fun I just couldn't pick a few favorites. 

On Friday, Stephanie and I got together and took our little monsters to a local pumpkin patch! It was the cutest thing ever! Plus the cute farm paired with the crisp fall weather and mountains surrounding us made our afternoon absolutely perfect! Apparently, this farm has been in the same family for generations! They were so friendly, I felt like I was part of the fam! We first got there and we jumped on the big wagon and went on a hayride complete with a huge tractor pulling the wagon. It was dreamy. Abbigail was so happy! She smiled the whole ride! Plus there were other people on the ride and she loves watching people. (I'm a people watcher too, she must get that from me.)

The big tractor dropped us off in the middle of a pumpkin patch. I was amazed at how big all of the pumpkins were! Seriously, What did they do to make their pumpkins so gigantic!?! A few of them were taller than Abbigail and pretty much all of them, including the ones we brought home weighed quite a bit more than her. (but I guess that isn't hard to do.)

We picked out our pumpkins and had to hurry home. (Drew and I had dinner with his boss that evening.) I was pretty bummed because they also had a miniature corn maze that was perfect for little kids, face painting and a little playground. I think we're gonna have to make a second, third and maybe even fourth trip back... 

... can you blame us?!

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