Friday, March 1, 2013

3 Tips to Staying Happy.

1. Do Something! I have found that when I am having a bad day, feeling sorry for myself, stressed, or a combination of the three, I can shift my focus to something other than myself and my day magically gets 10 times better. There is something about knowing you helped someone, that brings a smile to your face. PLUS, you are helping someone else to feel better AND making yourself feel better at the same time! So ironically, this selfless deed becomes a bit selfish. (was that confusing?)

2. Trust God! There are so many aspects of our lives that we have no control over. We may not know why things happen the way they do. But, I do know that God has a plan for each and every one of us. He knows our weaknesses, our dislikes, our strengths, and our favorite things. By trusting God, we can allow ourselves to relax and know whatever comes our way is something we can get through. If God puts you to it, he'll get you through it. A lot of trials and hardships end up making us stronger and teaching us lessons. In the moment it may be hard to have this frame of mind, but listen when I say, God will help you through any trial that may come your way! Things will always get better.

3. Fake it until you make it! I'm sure we have all heard this, but have you tried it? Seriously, If you aren't feeling like smiling, go to the mirror, and make the {cheesiest} grin you can possibly make. If you aren't feeling like laughing, laugh the silliest laugh you can possibly make as loud as you can. I know this sounds super juvenile, but this has really worked for me. Nothing is as bad as it seems.

 " matter our circumstances, no matter our challenges or trials, there is something in each day to embrace and cherish. There is something in each day that can bring gratitude and joy if only we will see and appreciate it." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf


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