Thursday, June 21, 2012

29 Weeks.

Dear Baby Girl, 

Happy 29th week of development! Baby Girl, you are so fun and so active! It has been so fun the last couple of weeks to not only feel you kicking and moving {more like dancing} but daddy and I have also seen you move. When you do kick hard, it feels like a twitch in my belly. A feeling that I will never get used to. Knowing that you are healthy and moving is the best feeling in the world. I smile every time I see you move. Currently, your favorite food is steak fajitas. My favorite is from a cute Mexican restaurant here in Pocatello. { FYI, for those of you who also crave steak fajitas 24/7, Taco Bell has a grilled steak soft taco and it taste very similar to a steak fajita, just cheaper!} A few weeks ago We had a Doctors appointment and he said everything looked great! Mommy does NOT have gestational diabetes and my iron levels are good! You are measuring about a week ahead of schedule (Good Job!). We are hoping to see you a little sooner than your actual due date. That would make us very happy! Daddy and I get more excited to meet you everyday! Keep getting bigger and stronger! We wish you could just come now, but we want you to be healthy when you come, so keep growing! However, If you decide to not bruise all of mommy's insides, that would be okay with me. We love you Baby Girl! 

Mommy & Daddy!

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