Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Roofers life for me...

Yo Ho Yo Ho a Roofers life for me??? What? That's right, Ashley and I are roofers now. This weekend we learned the art of shingles and have decided that part of Living and Loving the Wright Way is roofing.

Growing up I have always gone to work with my dad building homes and working construction. My dad would kill me if he knew I put this picture up here. He claims that if a picture of him gets on the internet that it might get to Hollywood and he might have to go be in movies, and we can't have that can we :)

My job this summer is working construction, so this was just another weekend of work for me. Not for Ashley. She was nervous at first to get on the roof, but she quickly got over her fear of heights and falling and went right to work. Friday night we went and worked for a little more than an hour. My dad was teaching us the pattern, and Ashley was handing him shingles. She was a "machine!" as my dad said, telling her how good she was at handing him shingles. This may seem like a silly task, but it is one of the most important jobs. This person is the pace setter and boss of where the next shingle goes. They also have to position the shingle just right so the person nailing doesn't have to stop. She was EPIC at it.

It wasn't long until Ashley wanted her turn running the nail gun on Saturday. She quickly traded me spots and started nailing. What an experience. This was so much fun for her and you could see it in her face! So happy! It wasn't too long until we realized that Ashley was just amazing at everything! She placed and nailed the shingles just right. It ended up being so much fun!

So here we are, Living and Loving the Wright Way as Roofers!

Ashley and I for a quick picture break.

I lined up the shingle, and she nailed.
This was one of the sections that we did.

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